Quick Tomato Kasundi

Quick Tomato Kasundi

7x 400g tined tomatoes (diced or whole)

30gm black mustard seeds

30gm cumin seeds

1 1/2 Tbsp chilli pwd

15gm fenegreek seeds

100gm ginger

100gm garlic

large splash olive oil or mustard oil

heap tsp salt

110gm sugar

250ml white vinegar

Dice tomatoes

Heat oil when hot add mustard & cumin & fenegreek seeds

When mustard seeds start to pop add chilli pwd, salt, ginger & garlic & tomato stir

Bring to the boil stirring occasionally, turn heat down and cook until it thickens

Add sugar & vinegar & simmer

Cook until oil rises to the top & chutney has thickened approx 45mins

Cool and put in jars