SOFREH of the Zagros


Handmade in Southern Persia
100% Handspun Sheep Wool
Zagros Mountain Area
"SOFREH" is one of the most important and frequently used textiles of a nomadic family, the Sofreh is used in the making and storing and serving of bread, the square size of the Soffre is important as it has to be used from all sides and it cant be too large as you don't want anyone to walk on it.
The Soffre is a flatweave and always has a plain centre or very simple centre as it is more practical for making bread and easy to clean. This is perfect for the nuclear family but one finds long narrow Sofreh among various nomadic tribes to suit the enlarged families of the nomadic tribal culture. Brothers remain “at home” so when they marry (often more than once) and have children the family they require ever larger Sofreh.
The weave of the Sofreh is very dense and tight, you could imagine in a nomadic tent there would be no tables or even wood so the Sofreh is used as both.
Fabric is mostly Sheep wool but Goat and horse hair is also used.

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