Garden Of Paradise March 2020

Garden of Paradise 282x184cms


Origin: Northern Afghanistan.
Dyes: 100% Vegetable dye
Age: New unused.
Material: Sheeps wool (the soft belly wool)

Design: Garden of Eden, the birds are believed to be messengers from god in different shapes and forms such as; Nightingale, Peacock, Rooster, Swan.
The birds are recognised throughout Persian culture as symbols of intense love. This rug does not have a historical medallion or a border telling us the age, instead it is a composition of powerful flora and fauna.
If you read poems from Hafez & Rumi,  you will understand everything.

People worldwide like the ancient Persian Culture of the Nightingale. Even tho its cry is raucous even ugly the time of day it is heard is the time for love.

O Bird, whose call raises the dead,
Nightingale with your voice of night and musk - 
Ravish Venus with that song
Whose every note is new life!      - Rumi (Persian Poet) 

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