Karabagh 264x132cms


Map reference: Nagorno Karabagh or Artsakh

19th Century rare antique Karabagh (Qarabagh) in good condition. Some losses to borders at each end. 

Superb example of a distinctive group of Karabagh Rugs. Repeated serrated achiq medallions coloured by the blue-red cochineal or kermes dyes are the defining feature of this group.

The double matrix oblique striped main border is terrific and balances the less than narrow sparsely adorned double guard borders.

This region of the south Caucasus has always been a meeting place of cultures and is an early centre of wool weaving. Traditionally occupied by Christian Armenians and Zoroastrian Persians, Muslim Turks and Iranians added to the mix we see in this last period of extant weavings.  

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