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Mehraban 352x207cms


The Mehreban is often remarked as the best of the great Hamadan weaving area. Certainly they can be the prettiest, and the best, like this one, have a light delicacy to the hues and patterning.

Just enough age, a maturity that puts to shame all those new silks trying so hard to achieve the same delight.

Hamadan is one of the oldest towns on Earth. The centre of a fertile mountainous sheep-rearing topography, it is one of the great Persian Rug regions. Hamadan houses endless history, the tombs of Esther and Mordechai etc.

The distinguishing feature of Hamadan is the weave. It has just one thick weft per row of knots, giving an unmistakable "look" to the back.

Mehraban is a village up country but within the Hamadan region.  It snows heavily in winter and as ancient Ectabana it was an early human settlement. The history is solid and the respect for the natural world is impressive.