Roomsized 3 - 4m

Chobi Mamluk 358 x 276cm


Northern Pakistan weaving using lush mountain sheep wool from Afghanistan.

100% Vegetable dye - Indigo (blue) , Madder (red), Weld (yellow/gold)

The International market values natural dyed work at a premium which allows us to pay high prices to weavers who maintain high standards.

Rugs that are still made using natural dyes are usually those with the highest cultural significance.

This both supports marketing based upon cultural integrity and, more significantly, shows the weavers that the world values their culture. Your rug is a prime example of top quality vegetable dye.

The great Mamluks are one of the least-known empires in history. They were blue-eyed Cossacks, guards of the Egyptian Palace who took control of the whole of the Arab East Mediterranean and ruled from 1250 to 1517.

Artists were imported from across the known world and a great flowering ensued. Their weaving in particular shows many different cultural influences, as the artisans brought their traditions and design influences with them.

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