Roomsized 3 - 4m

Qashgai 323x245cms


A rare antique Qashgai from SW Persia. 

100% Sheep Wool. 100% Vegetable dye. 

Full pile.

The Qashgai were also related to the Qizil Bash but were given grazing lands in the warm SW of Persia during the early years of the Safavid Dynasty, Circa 1500’s CE. The endless knot styled motif in the centre is the Badge of the Qashgai, who have maintained both their nomadic ways as well as their political power to this day. Rich graziers, they have town houses as well as vast pastoral lands administered in a type of feudalism.

It is incredibly rare to see such a Qashgai with full pile and colour at this age, not to mention the weaving skill, flexibility, lush wool quality and handle.

Circa 1920. 


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