Ardebil 158x118cms


NW Persia

The fabled Azerbaijan city of Ardebil.

Home of great saints, and the most famous Persian Carpet known as "The Ardebil Carpet" in the V&A with a lesser in the Getty.

The Ardebil Senneh Baf is distinct because it nods to a more Persianate sensibility. Finely knotted, sensitively hued, and with the design of a fishpond as an existential metaphor. It has been said the fishpond pattern is to exercise the Sufi idea of layers of consciousness, and should be clearer/stronger towards the centre, whilst having no technical change.

Pure woollen symmetrical knots on a cotton warp, two weft shoots per row of knots.

Ardebil has a Sufi shrine that is an important pilgrimage centre. The famous Ardebil Carpets now in the Getty and the V&A were gifted to the shrine during the Safavid era. The Safavid Empire and the fact of Iran being a Shia Islam country began in Ardebil in the early 16th century.

A Tour de Force of Persian Art.

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