Chobi 'Conference of the Birds' 134 x 53cm



Origin: Northern Afghanistan.

Dyes: 100% Vegetable dye (beautiful Indigo root blue).

Age: New unused.

Material: Sheeps wool (the soft belly wool)

Design: Garden of Eden, the birds are believed to be messengers from god in different shapes and forms such as; Nightingale, Peacock, Rooster, Swan.

The birds are recognised throughout Persian culture as symbols of intense love. This rug does not have a historical medallion or a border telling us the age, instead it is a composition of powerful flora and fauna.

If you read poems from Hafez & Rumi, you will understand everything.



O Bird, whose call raises the dead,

Nightingale with your voice of night and musk - 

Ravish Venus with that song

Whose every note is new life!      - Rumi (Persian Poet)