Art-Gabbeh 174x122cms


Qashgai SW Persia

The two mirror image trees flowering in a starry sky on a rare white ground.

Very strongly made, hard wearing rug.

They are part of the largest migration of all Persian tribes, going up the Zagros mountains to greener pastures in summer (15,000ft above sea level) and down to warmer plains in winter near Firuzabad. Healthy sheep, healthy wool. No data, no archives, Nomadic. Only stories from the elders pasted down through generations. Qashgai Gabbeh rugs are in their own realm to any other Persian rug. * Back in the 1970's when we were first collecting these unusually crazy rugs we would ask "what sort of rug is that". The reply "een qalin Gabbeh", "this rug is a woolly rug" seemed hilariously obvious at the time but it has become acceptable nomenclature of the type. Gabbeh is simply a woolly rug because it was not made for a wedding or a gift for any celebration, nor did it represent an insignia of clan.

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