Turkoman Collection

 It is exactly here, where tradition sets such narrow limits and that the special challenge for the collector lies; to trace the hidden perfection in that of the weavers distinct form and colour.
Many serious collectors consider the Turkoman to be the best, the greatest tribal and nomadic rug type. Made under the original conditions from which all other carpets arose.
The art of the Turkoman carpet has been compared to Haiku, Sonnets and Fugues; the creativity within the restricted form.
There are no other people on earth for whom rugs, rug making, and the whole culture of rugs are more central to their existence and perception than the Turkomans. There is scarcely a Turkoman family to be found, at least among those from Afghanistan, where the women don't weave and the men are not involved in rug trade in some way.
The nature of mid 20th C and earlier Turkoman rugs is superb weaving, dyeing and wool. This quality is impossible to re-create.
An art form in its own realm.