Antique Kashan 198x130cms


Kashan. The city of Kashan is in Central Iran and home of the Classic central medallion Persian rug. The Kashan has been copied and used for machine made rugs and even mouse pads and has been recognised as one of the best Persian rug type and design. The design has great balance of proportions from the central medallion, field of palmettes to the borders.  What some people don’t know is that Kashan is actually a town in Central Iran. These are the real Kashans. Mostly the good quality woollen handmade Kashan rugs have a red field with ivory borders. It is rare to find a blue border Kashan which we were lucky enough to come past last trip to Iran. This is the rarest rug we have had in the last 5 years.  Its official name and type is Kashan Motasham, 100 years old and in perfect condition. The Sheep wool pile is still oily & soft.  100% Vegetable dyed palette.