Antique Qazvin 206x133cms


Qazvin is a past Imperial Capital and is "old money". The elegant accent of the highly educated populace and their special engagement with art and politics is widely known and respected.

The power of the city comes as well from the various ethnic groups inhabiting the mountainous hinterland. Originally the militia, the King's Guard, these Kurds, Shah Sevan, Afshar, Turkoman, and Qizil Bash tribes now add a nuanced egalitarian hum to everyday life.

The Qazvin Rug is like this. Crowded in detail, but every motif has its place. The design is similar to every other floral Persian Rug but also somehow purely Qazvin. Generally, only those au fait with Persian Art can spot this. There is no obvious feature like the blue weft of Kashan, the blue reds of Mashaad etc.

If you have an eye for it, this rug can be highly rewarding.