Chobi William Morris 305x245cms


A famous William Morris pattern

Pakistan or Afghanistan

Chob or Choeb means woody in Persian and Urdu and refers to dyes where the English vegetal or organic may be used.

The Chobi was developed from the Persian Ziegler in Lahore to satisfy western taste for more neutral pastel hues and large open patterns. Highly successful, the type has spread throughout Pakistan Afghanistan and India.

Mostly an ethical cottage industry worthy of support. 

LION RUG (Gabbeh-ye-Shiri)

A powerfully symbolic rug, originally placed in a Khan's tent signifying bravery and purity, protector of the the tribe. Fars Province was known in the 12th century as the 'lion mine' of Persia as it was a breeding ground for lions.

These weavers may have never seen a lion. Their creativity comes from the story-telling. Artistic free weaving, straight from the mind.

This lion was on the coat of arms of Persia till the Islamic Revolution changed it in 1979 but still the Lion Rugs of Fars are woven, reflecting untouched traditions.

100% Hand-spun Sheep wool.

South Persia

The Lion Rugs book is difficult to find but there is one second hand on Amazon. 1

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