Chobi Birds 278x182cms


Origin: Northern Afghanistan.
Dyes: 100% Vegetable dye (beautiful Indigo root blue).
Age: New unused.
Material: Sheeps wool (the soft belly wool)
Design: Garden of Eden, the birds are believed to be messengers from god in different shapes and forms such as; Nightingale, Peacock, Rooster, Swan.
The birds are recognised throughout Persian culture as symbols of intense love. This rug does not have a historical medallion or a border telling us the age, instead it is a composition of powerful flora and fauna.
If you read poems from Hafez & Rumi,  you will understand everything.
Bird, whose call raises the dead,
Nightingale with your voice of night and musk - 
Ravish Venus with that song
Whose every note is new life!      - Rumi (Persian Poet) 

Tree’s were symbols worshipped by almost all peoples and religions. Their roots are hidden in the underworld; part of them inhabits the same world as humans, yet their branches reach the sky, home of the gods. Through the ages, ancient oriental cultures venerated trees and birds; numerous examples show them, together with fabulous animals, on each side of the totem poles or ‘tree of life`. There was a widespread belief that the song of the birds brought rain, vital for the subsistence of people and cattle. Birds were also considered as intermediaries between men and gods, messengers to the ancestor’s souls, inhabitations of the branches of the sacred trees, and of the space between earth and sky. James Opie writes beautifully: ‘What are angels but combination of human and bird forms? Next to trees, birds are mankind’s most popular symbol`. According to Opie and other scholars, these are the traditions that, millennia later, explain the presence of birds in such prominent positions and, in some cases, as the only subject of the dazzling and marvellous designs of these genuine works of art.