Hamadan 200x137cms


West Persia

Over 100 years old. Superb rich colours from vegetal sources.

Hamadan is one of the oldest towns on Earth. The centre of a fertile mountainous sheep-rearing topography, it is one of the great Persian Rug regions. Hamadan houses endless history, the tombs of Esther and Mordechai etc.

The distinguishing feature of Hamadan is the weave. It has just one thick weft per row of knots, giving an unmistakable "look" to the back.

Conversation Piece

October 2018. Driving hours from Tehran with a couple rusty cds and a driver who is too happy about his sub-woofer he recently got installed. Hilarious. We arrive at Hamedan from much desert, but then we pass it, we ask ourselves, why? Ahhh yes its because we must see the great hamedan tourist attraction which is the "Cave" Ali-Sadr. A beautiful look into the underground water ways which flow underneath Iran. We begin floating in a plastic boat with 10 other Irans on holiday, they are more than excited and slightly nervous about the powerful rapids which seem to be a light flowing stream to us Australians. Now off on the desert road back to Hamedan 1 hour roughly. 

Arriving in this 2,500yr old city feels like home.

Now relaxed we walk into the Hamedan Bazaar....