Koli Kosh 301x252cms



Organic earthiness meets luxurious furnishing, feeding the senses, a feeling of timelessness, an echo of a time when natural fibres were abundant in our lives. 

It is an experiment/creation of myself and weavers in the Afghan Quarter of Lahore, Pakistan. They have fond memories of sleeping on coarse unclipped rugs and animal pelts in their childhood snow covered mountain homes. This Koli Kosh is a finer and denser version, more in alignment with good quality rugs. The wool is roughly hand-spun and hand-dyed and knotted quite finely, resulting in a product attractive to the market. Koli Kosh translates as “superior love”, or “a high thing I like” or “pleasing upper rank thing”. The Koli Kosh are a group of plain bed rugs made in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and come under the umbrella term Gabbeh. Gabbeh in Persian means simply “woolly”. They are not heraldic, do not portray tribal symbols, and are simply an everyday bedding rug.

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