Sarab Masheryekhi 310x222cms


The handmade rugs of Tabriz Province, NW Iran held a top 4 position in the world of fine urban rugs, along with Kashan, Esfahan and Kerman, and great popularity in east and west for hundreds of years. The 20th century saw a decline to lesser qualities, to compete in a growing middle ground international market.

The Masheryekhi family from Sarab, outside Tabriz city organised a small high end atelier in 1948 with a view to making the finest top quality Tabriz rugs possible. The finest sheep wool and vegetable dyes were collected at great expense.

The Masheryekhi master weavers have made a small number of these rugs over the ensuing years, all unique in their own way. We were lucky to acquire a PAIR of Sarab Masherykhi’s on our recent trip to Iran. Here we are showing just 1 of them. To handle it is sublime.

 Age: 40-60 years.

Condition: Unused, Perfect.

Dyes: All natural.

Material: Sheep wool (Cork).

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