Vege Kelim 186x125cms


Origin: Handwoven in NW Afghanistan.

Tribe/Ethnicity: Afghan Uzbek.

Style: Kelim/Flat-weave.

Material: 100% wool of the fat-tailed sheep.

Design: The Central Asian vocabulary of talismanic and apopotraic good fortune motifs.

These people have a long outdoors season and live in Mexican Hacienda style housing in a semi-rural area. The sheep are grazed on the hillsides as much as 50 kms away. The weaving is done outside among the almond and stone fruit trees but withim the high adobe walls. There is a particular style of taking tea and light meals that involves sitting/reclining on a large free-standing wooden deck in the garden. They are about two feet off the ground and covered by a single large kelim made specifically for the purpose. 

It is also where the New Year Spring Equinox festivities take place and the practical height means guests can be served by small boys, usually sons of the employed families.

Music and dancing are very much part of the way of life and the Uzbek travelling circus is famous. One can see this in the colours which are lighter than the sombre wine reds and blacks of the nearby Turkoman and Belouch people.