Persians love fresh herbs. Even the most bitter herbs are handled with aplomb, so the final result is perfectly balanced.

For example, this is a simple rice dish with a whole cup of finely chopped dill.

2 cups basmati-style rice. Cook as usual.

1 cup steamed broad beans. Fresh or frozen not the brown dried type.

1 cup dill, finely chopped.

pinch saffron

salt and pepper to taste.

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The Process: Wool Sorting / Washing
The Process: Wool Sorting / Washing

We always say is if the sheep is happy, you end up with good wool. The village process, all done by hand produces the most premium durable long lasting wool for our Challu Berbers & Chobi rugs.

The further away from industrial processes the more durable, beautiful & ethical. We also say “if branded, it’s suspect”. ❤️
A Family Poem
A Family Poem

We are swimming in a vast sea of family. Come in, the water is fine.

The Value of Moroccan Rugs
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A nice little YouTube weaving video.