Afghan War Rug 93x60cms


Who wove them?

Women of Persian Dari and Pashto language groups, the Farsiwan, the Tajiks, the Aimaq, the Taimani, the Belouch, and the Ghuri wove these “War Rugs” in response to big power conflict.

For a thousand years these Khorasanis or “People of the Sunrise” were the mathematicians of the world. The Persian mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani (1977-2017) is the only woman ever, to win the topmost Fields Medal.

She claims her facility began in childhood, in the intricately repeating patterns of the family rugs.

Why were they woven?

Progressive abstraction thru the symmetry of pattern becomes a natural skill in such a refined household. Weavers are drawn to it, their Kismet, inevitable: Start with guns and end in patterns.

The aim is to leave the imagery behind and to see a design beyond conflict and war.

The landscape is Magic Realism. The future does not happen, it is made, brought into existence by the act of weaving.

And profit. Income from the sale to feed her family.

100% Sheep Wool. 

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      Can I get the same rug in a different size?

      Each of our rugs is an individual, hand made work of art because of that it is not possible for us to have duplicates in different sizes.

      How are your rugs made?

      All of our rugs are 100% Handmade on a loom. We have created a close relationship with all of the craftspeople who make our rugs which allows us to get the highest quality rugs directly from the people who made them.

      Are your rugs new/used?

      We offer a variety of both new and used Persian rugs from many areas including Persia, Turkey, and Morocco see below for more info on locations.

      NEW: We support over 30 families in Afghanistan who produce the highest quality Persian rugs.

      OLD ANTIQUE VINTAGE: We source our used rugs from village and tribal families at source. As well as attend worldwide auctions. We have formed relationships with Persian rug collectors that allow us to get incredible pieces that are not normally on the market.

      Can I try before i buy?

      We have a "try before you buy" system for approved customers.

      Where are your rugs from?

      Afghanistan, Persia, Pakistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Morocco etc.


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