Bakhtiari Medallion 375x320cms


Bakhtiari is a great example of the classic central medallion design which is considered to be a metaphor for a prosaic reality in the corners, layering to a deeper consciousness in the center. 

The land of the Iranians, known to Europeans for centuries as Persia, is fractured by mountain ranges, made inhospitable by deserts, yet rich in fertile plains, forests and jewel-like gardens.

Home to the most sublime architecture in the world, and a breeding ground for poets, empires, mathematicians, astronomers, mystics and saints, it has an enduring and invincible fascination.

Our mission is to enrich your understanding of this great civilization, from the empires of Xerxes and Cyrus, the Parthians and Sassanians, the Mongol and Oghuz, the Safavids, and Rumi, Hafez, Saadi and Omar Khayyam to Ayatollah Khomeni and the modern state.