Paramount Kashan 505x345cms


Well-known Central Persian type of which this carpet is in the top tier.

Fine and over-size with a unique variation on the regular Kashan city design.

We calculated 5,226,750 knots equalling 1,306 days. Not to mention the spinning, dyeing, and time-consuming loom setup.

Pristine condition.

Kashan is a beautiful historic city.

When I was last in Kashan, 2018, there was a derelict old caravanserai traditional shopping centre ripe for a refurb into a boutique hotel. Ambience perfect, a short-term dream. I’ll send some pics from my home computer later.

Kashan does two things well; rugs and rose oil. The Kashan rug is famous and is probably the most recognised worldwide. In spring and autumn there are small rose oil stills lining a few streets. The smell is wonderful but the pure oil can be A$20/ml in 30 ml bottles.

Kashan is an elegant small city, its inhabitants of a measured pace. They can weave a carpet for a year or two, never thinking of the finished product but aware of just the warp and weft of their lives intersecting. Your carpet probably had 3 people of the same family sitting weaving for a year, gossiping, singing, etc.  

The designs come from 16th century mystic mathematicians, educated Sufis, ahead of the European world at the time. They were looking at an equation that would explain all. One of the devices was to section flowers, especially the rose, at various angles and measure the space between the petals. These “palmettes” bloom in profusion amid acanthus leaves and arabesques, forming a picture of paradise, a garden of Eden. 

This is guaranteed to enhance health and wealth and to ensure all is achieved in a comfortably calm and enlightened manner. Pure Persian sensibility.

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