All the qualities of our much loved Challu Berbers elevated with a natural shade derived purely from local plant sources.

Since 2009, we have been working directly with the local weavers and sheep farmers in perfecting this Afghan wool Berber to be the ultimate balance of texture, comfort and durability.
We call them ‘Challu’.

The ‘Challu’ is unique to our shop. Each rug is different, an individual, a pure wool pile bedding made in a family unit. 

SAZBI GREEN: There is no natural dyestuff that allows a permanent green in wool. A green can only be achieved by a combination of yellow and blue. The blue component being indigo and the yellow weld/ruseda luteola. 

GULABI PINK: A mix of dried pommergranite peels + the exhaust from the rich madder dye. 

FIRUZI BLUE: Colour of independence & individualism, Indigofera Tinctoria. Indigo does not chemically join with the molecules of the fibers like other dyes. It is only coating the outside of the molecule, therefore being very resistant to sunlight. 

MADDER RED: Classic Strong Madder dyestuff. Rubia Tinctorium. The most gorgeous of all dyes, the depth of colour and variations in this dye have been a favourite in rugs for centuries.